While Washing Clothes Tips

Here are a variety of tips that can help save you money to consider that can be implemented while the clothes are being washed in the washing machine:

  • Do not over-wash clothes. Clothes that need a light cleaning don’t need to be washed as long as dirty work clothes.
  • Pre-soak (or use a soak cycle if you washing machine has one) when washing clothes that are heavily soiled. This will help ensure that you don’t have to wash the same clothes a second time.
  • Don’t put in more laundry detergent than you need. While the commercials make it look like you need a full cup to do your wash, many times you can get clothes perfectly clean with a fraction of the recommended amount of washing detergent. You may need to experiment a bit to find the optimal amount for the different loads you do, but rarely will you need a full cup to get your clothes clean.
  • Before taking out the wash, set the washer to do another spin cycle. This will get more water out of the clothes meaning they will not take as long to dry in the dryer.